Luchtsingel puts walkers first

The Rotterdam Central District (RCD) was once a vibrant centre in the city of Rotterdam. However, the crisis threw a spanner in the works: resulting in empty office buildings and inhospitable public

Since 2006, ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) has stimulated the debate on urban development through a series of unsolicited projects and recommendations. This approach led to an overarching strategy for the RCD's redevelopment. For example, a stage for urban culture was established and a
large vacant office building acquired a new purpose.

Vital lifeline

All the developments are connected by means of a single, continuous route: the Luchtsingel. The Luchtsingel is a wooden bridge that has given the area back to pedestrians. It is a vital lifeline that connects Rotterdam North to the centre once more, and has given the forgotten district a
new lease of life.

For everyone

Although the Luchtsingel was constructed as a temporary bridge, it is now incorporated as a permanent link in the new plans. This is a fantastic turn of events, because the Luchtsingel was founded for and by everyone: part of the funding originated from the 'I Make Rotterdam' crowdfunding platform. Anyone could purchase a board featuring their name for 25 euro. The Luchtsingel was constructed from these boards and many walkers are happy to use it.