Westblaak more attractive for walking

In order to make the (inner) city more attractive for pedestrians, Rotterdam has has
started an experiment on the Westblaak.

The West Blaak is a busy road that cuts across the city centre of Rotterdam. The road (with two lanes in each direction) forms an important connection between the east and west sides of the city. Every day many motorists use it to cross the heart of the city. 

For pedestrians the street is not very attractive: it is crowded and noisy because of the many cars (often traffic jams), the air is polluted and it forms a concrete jungle with few green areas. To make the area around the Westblaak a place which pedestrians like to wanderand the Westblaak itself a route through the city that pedestrians are happy to
use, an experiment has been started.  


Already greener

On the north side of the Westblaak (between Eendrachtsplein and Karel Doormanstraat), parts of the footpath (between the road carriageway and the cycle path) and parking spaces will be temporarily replaced by greenery. Paving stones are removed and replaced with plants and furthermore wooden containers filled with plants aree placed in about 15 of the parking spots. The experiment will last about six weeks after which the street will be restored to its original state. We will then talk to the residents of the Westblaak (entrepreneurs) and hear how they have experienced the temporary greening. We will take these experiences into account in the final design of the street. 



During one of the walkshop City Lounge, the attendees of the international pedestrian conference Walk21Rotterdam will visit the Westblaak. The experiment has just begun.