Walkshops and Excursions


Walkshops (Tuesday and Wednesday)

On Tuesday and Wednesday, next to the various break-out sessions and keynotes at the Doelen, a special part of the program will take place outside of the location for the congress. With the cooperation of multiple organisations and facets within the municipality of Rotterdam various so called walkshops (walking workshops) have been planned. Through these walking workshops a current issue, successful project or walking policy showcase will be shown, discussed and celebrated with the attendees.


Excursions (Thursday)

On Thursday various excursions have been planned, either to other cities within the Netherlands or locations in Rotterdam further away from De Doelen. Each hosting city, ranging from smaller neighbouring cities to partners within the G5 (the five big municipalities), within these excursions has something to show, something to ask or something to tell on the issue of walkability. Whether it’s a new to be developed area with the focus on the pedestrian or a way to connect with foreign and domestic policymakers, these excursions promise to entice the attendees and hopefully use their knowledge and enthusiasm to further their development.


Touristic tours (Monday)

Next to the existing Deep Dive sessions where you will explore various interesting subjects, we offer another way to explore a vastly different but equally important subject: the city of Rotterdam! Various local parties have offered to take the visitors who arrive on Monday on tours through our beautiful city. The tours will start at the congress location.

All three parties have different styles and themes of tours, so there’s a fit for everyone!


• Around010
View the city through the eyes of the modern local. This tour promises you to take you past Rotterdam’s quaint historical and cultural sites and the hidden gems within the city. This tour will even surprise those who have previously visited Rotterdam or those that have lived here for years (www.around010.nl)

• Rotterdam Discovery Tours
This lovely lady will not go easy on anyone in her typical Rotterdam accent and way of working. She’ll show you the innercity highlights with its combination of hyper modern skyscrapers and historical buildings and does it with her own unique style (www.rotterdamdiscoverytours.nl)

• Gilde Rotterdam
Take a more traditional tour through our beautifully rebuild city. These experienced volunteers tell their story from their own experience after seeing the city being rebuild and evolve with their own eyes. This tour is catered to the visitor who is interested in history, culture and architecture. (www.gilderotterdam.nl)